I started my business after I went through serious health issues and personal trauma.  As a result, I suffered daily with chronic debilitating pain, leading me to lose my job, my home, my sense of self, and my partner – a high functioning alcoholic (and the relationship ended in great heartbreak).

To add to this, I was in massive debt due to my property refurbishment.  Everything around me just crumbled to the ground and at one point I even thought about ending my life.

During this period, I discovered a way to move forward and navigate my way out of this horribilus situation.  I found my reset button that changed my entire way of thinking and doing, which in turn changed my life.

I have since made it my mission to share my knowledge, give support, motivate others, and guide people using my learned tools and techniques, aiding them to find their reset button, so they too can navigate their way forward to happiness and freedom.
You don’t have to take this journey on your own. It’s time to re-connect to your personal Sat Nav.

I offer a range of products from natural beauty brand Tropic to help you look and feel great.
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