Are You Ready To Power Up And Make The Change

I have something uniquely created just for you

My Programme will gently uncover the things that scare you the most, feel the most overwhelming and uncomfortable to you in order to bring about those changes that you so desire

PLUS You will have access to my FB group to receive Weekly and Monthly guidance from Source with the help of The Tarot.

Does this sound like the solution you have been searching for?

The Programme:

My 12-week Programme is a unique healing experience that will lead you to tap back into your Innate Power and Re-Activate your Inner Guidance System. We can head straight to underlying patterns affecting your life, business, relationships, success and more, creating a deeper awareness and understanding, thus enabling you to move forward healing deep trauma, resolve bad situations and find your Happiness & Freedom!

What happens in our Sessions

These sessions will provide the space in which to dive deeper for connection to that nagging voice that keeps surfacing – nudging you to bring in your awareness and make the necessary changes, overcome the roadblocks and jump on to your true path to Happiness & Freedom.
Week 1 Introduction to the Program – The Enhanced Energy Healing Principals – Are You Ready To Heal Yourself?
Week 2 Why it is important to develop the practice of Meditation and how to open up your Chakra’s.
Week 3 Looking at where your life is right now.
Week 4 Recognising your Core Saboteur.
Week 5 Exploring Love Languages – What they mean to you – Roles & Responsibilities.
Week 6 Looking at your Time Line – Recognising Patterns.
Week 7 Working with your Inner Child
Week 8 The Tools
Week 9 Stepping into your Power – Changing Your Story – Changing Your Mindset
Week 10 The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Ego)
Week 11 Completely bespoke to you, depending on your situation.
Week 12 Completely bespoke to you depending on your progress.

Please note that there may be use of The Tarot for guidance.  I discovered that I was channelling messages from spirit during my own healing journey.  The Tarot enabled me to decipher these messages. So don’t be surprised if I offer the use of this tool, in order to help you too!

These cards act as divine guidance to see

• Where your energy is currently at
• Strengths & gifts within you
• How you can harness those strengths & gifts to move forward
• What can support your happiness & purpose right now
• Your challenge – something to work on to support you in attaining your Happiness & Freedom
• Your destiny & spiritual power

All of this for just £777.00
(Can be paid in instalments)

I am looking forward to helping you unlock your future and know that you will love my new 3 Month Personal Powerful Transformation Program.