Inner Child

Each and every person has an “inner child” and is part of your subconscious that has been collecting all sorts of messages from the beginning of existence in the womb. She/he holds a wealth of memories and emotions and includes ones that haven’t been fully processed.

Our little boy / little girl holds all the gorgeous memories of childhood. Remembering the time you nagged your Dad for your first pet and how you felt when these furry little ears popped up out of the top of the box that you had opened. They remember you staying at your uncle’s house and playing with his dog’s first litter of puppies and how excited you felt. They were there when you passed your driving test first time, when you got your first job, when you went through your fair share of relationships. In fact he/she has been there with you your entire life and their job as the inventory clerk is to record and hold this extensive library of memories and emotions.

But it doesn’t stop there, because not all the memories were quite so lovely. In fact some had quite an impact on your little boy/girl. Your inner child remembers the day you got sent to your room and the tears that run down your cheeks, with the rumbling of your tummy ringing in their ears because you weren’t allowed back out of your room until the following morning and therefore missed dinner. They remember when an adult had said something to you that left them distraught and not wanted. They remember when you were a teenager and attracting the wrong kind of attention, which left huge and unbearable scars because everyday these boys were throwing you in the school bin and filled you with dread. They remember when you had to keep quiet and head down so that the drunken violent spouse would not hit you. The list of endless memories and emotions left your inner child building up pictures and protecting you from fear, neglect, rejection, abuse, etc. The barrage of protective armour just kept getting built around you by them so that they could keep you feeling safe, happy and secure.

All these memories and emotional experiences are recorded, hidden in our subconscious and have a real impact on our adult life. They determine how we behave with certain people, how we either engage in certain activities or shy away, how we think and feel about situations. The impact that our inner child has, had a huge influence and most of us aren’t even aware that he/she exists.

I feel that it is time people were made aware of their inner child, made to realise that every action be it spoken or unspoken, positive or negative – the energy will stay ingrained in our being, our entire life. If it’s negative – the consequences can be detrimental to our wellbeing and conduct as an adult.

I am such a big advocate for Meditation and why it is so important. It can enable you to go within and make friends or re-parent your little boy/little girl and listen to what he or she has to say.

Our inner child has never stopped communicating with us… we just forgot to listen.

When our inner child is good, she is very, very good.

But when she is bad, she is horrid!

Your Inner Child has the potential to either make you in the adult world or break you. 

If you are feeling stuck, angry, resentful or just plain out of ideas as to why you don’t feel good enough, clever enough, liked and respected enough, the list is endless. Then it is a sure sign that your inner child is in need of some attention. Being stuck with parent issues – Mum never showed me love or I felt abandoned, she always favoured my siblings.

Perhaps your relationships always fail – they never listened, they were controlling and possessive. Maybe you are selfish and stuck in your ways. All of the above is just scratching at the surface, is it any wonder that your inner child is behaving badly to get you to notice them.

Reconnect to resolve the chaos and conflict that has been going on within you all of your life.

We become stuck in life when one part of us wants safety and consistency and the other wants adventure and connection to more possibilities. So our inner child draws on every memory and emotion to keep us safe. Little does he/she know things have moved on and circumstances have changed, so there is no need to keep these protective barriers in place.

So what are you waiting for? No time to waste.

Start your connection to your inner child and help him or her to get out of Never-Never land and become the true you.

Meditation enables you to tap into how your inner child is feeling and offer them the love and a way to meet their needs. By doing this, you will get clarity on what needs to shift in order to be able to move forward as well as gain an understanding of why you developed this resistance in the first place and which has been affecting you your whole life. By working with your inner child you can release the power that she/he has and you will eventually be able to put this to bed and move on to a freer, happier life.

Book on to my weekly meditation sessions or sign up for some empowerment coaching and let’s travel on this journey together.