Intuitive Coaching

(Go Hand in Hand)

There are always times around us when we experience worry and fear.  This could be from hearing about devastation and or destruction, to experiencing it first- hand in your own community or home environment.  There is no way of getting around it.  So not only are most people feeling the effects of the events around the world in one form or another, they are exposed to it on a daily basis through the media or simply being in it at that time.  In these situations things can build up, start to impact on us and create a feeling of losing hope and faith in humanity.

Just remind yourself that there are many creative and inspiring people here on this Earth too and all looking for ways to improve the world around them.  Our world is so much more than just one thing: It is never all bad, because there are far too many iterations and possibilities unfolding simultaneously.

When I find my thoughts wandering too far into despair, I think of all the amazing things that have been created, and that is yet to be created.   I think of music and what wonderful thing music is.  How it makes us feel, how it can bring us together.  I believe that Music is one of the many keys to life and once experienced, without it I would dread to think!

I think about things I personally want to create and share with others: Books I want to write, classes I can teach.  I think about all the books I still haven’t read and how exciting it feels knowing that they are waiting for me.  I think about all of the people and experiences that have yet to unfold: There is always so much to learn and do.

I remind myself that there is a lot of good out there and that as individual’s we need to focus on the good things in life and just be aware of the not so good things.  Without the two, we cannot make that distinction.  If you dwell on a bad situation you are giving it power.  Re-direct your attention and give your focus to bringing in positive change.

There are countless people who dedicate their whole lives to helping others learn, heal, thrive, and succeed.  Right now they are making a difference.  Someone, somewhere, is working on a solution that will help someone, somehow and that every day brings the possibility for bright new ideas and inventions.  Thank goodness there is always opportunity for inspiration and new possibility.

It’s normal to feel fear. It’s normal to worry about the future. We all do and sometimes it can get a hold on us, making us believe that there is no hope.  Some struggle with the concept that nothing will change and that all hope has gone and they just want to give up. Sometimes, hope doesn’t have an easy way into our lives. But it’s there. It’s always there.

Let me help you to tap into that hope and discover your direction with the help of The Tarot or for a deeper insight in to what’s causing you these issues of despair. Find out more about Tarot Reading or my Coaching Programme.