Prolonged Stress

Prolonged Stress is known to cause anxiety, depression, panic attacks, heart disease, diabetes and hypertension, to mention a few.  We are often in a state of unconscious tension and this leads to your body always being in the ‘fight or flight’ response mode.   In today’s society, there is a culture of material driven individuals or cut-throat corporations that give rise to more and more people suffering with tension in their muscles, headaches and a variety of aches and pains, due to these stressful demands.

Back in primitive times, the ‘fight or flight’ response mode was useful, because when we met with a dangerous predator, this response kicked in and got us out of harms way and it was used on a short term basis.  But today, the fight or flight’ response is practically on all of the time.  People live on top of one another, often find themselves confined in closed spaces day in and day out during their working week, be it at the office, on public transport or in their cars whilst driving to and from work.  They find generally on a day to day basis, there is no where to walk, no where to rest and find peace and quiet.  Is it any wonder the world is going mad.  Even when people are not working, they are on their phones surfing the Internet, Liking or Subscribing.  Watching TV or Gaming that can continue until bed.  When does the brain ever get to shut down.  Think about it?  Your brain needs at least 4 hours of no TV, phone, laptop, etc in order to shut off.  If you go to bed at 12 pm and get up at 6 am, then your brain has (if lucky) had only 2 hours of down time.  You wouldn’t run that precious car parked in the garage like that, so why do it to your brain and body.


Unfortunately, high levels of prolonged Stress, increases the level of Cortisol and Adrenaline, which are the hormones that flick the ‘fight or flight’ response switch. This in turn raises blood pressure and heart rate.  Imagine keeping your foot on the peddle constantly, it’s not going to do the engine much good over long periods of time.  As with your body, if you don’t come to rest and switch off, your immune system will eventually weaken and this will have a detrimental impact to your health.