Reset Button

We come with a reset button

Believe it or not, but we all come into this life with a reset button.  Yes that’s right!

Just like your mobile phone, you can reset back to the factory default setting.  Crazy I know, but true.  It is just a question of finding it.  In order to find, you must be able to take a deep dive into the subconscious and get out of your own way.  Your problems can’t be managed by Medical intervention alone, as they only treat the symptoms, but not the cause.  Find the cause by looking deep down into the roots of your subconscious programming and that is where you will find your magic reset button.




From birth to the age of seven we become re-programmed by what society expects and what rules we need to abide by in order to stay intact. We are exposed daily to certain belief’s and practices. Scared into thinking that if we go outside the box we will be punished for not towing the line. We are all conditioned and this re-programming is drawn upon daily and constantly being re-affirmed by the mind maps that have been created for us by adults, teachers and society in general.

As I was growing up, I was programmed to respect my elders (not such a bad thing, I know) don’t talk back, little girls should be seen and not heard, the list is endless. Nowadays, I believe this has been taken a step too far, as there is so much more in the way of conflicting attitudes and belief’s. Is it any wonder there are more Mental Health issues out there than ever before.

When all those messages get entangled, we get thrown off course, propelled into a life that we did not wish for, nor desire.


That is when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and without a compass. You have hit rock bottom and you can’t seem to bounce back up.

By truly taking the plunge into the deep and sometimes dark undercurrents of you subconscious, you will find your reset button. Once you reset, just watch your life change. You can re-direct your path, navigate your life, uncover your true desires, take steps towards your goals, achieve your dreams and bust those self-limiting beliefs. Step into your power and take with you what truly resonates.

So what is the next step?

There are many self-help books, video’s, chat forum’s, etc out there, but first and foremost to get you back on your feet, I would advise you to seek the help of a professional. I know there is a waiting list, like I said demand is high, but just one session with a Professional Counselor, Spiritual Teacher / Healer, he/she will be able to scrape you off the floor and give you that glimmer of light. That sense that there is someone who can help you in your hour of need and you owe it to yourself to find them.

Diving deep within, is not about finding things that we have forgotten, it’s more about engaging with very primal aspects of ourselves. It is about being totally honest to how you feel at deeper levels, taking reflection, making time to look at how integrated or at peace you are.

Human beings need rest in order to take action.

If you’re not listening, the Universe will have no qualms in intervening and hitting the STOP button. If this happens and it has been done for you, you won’t know which way to go. There will be no alternative but to sit up and take note. STOP, REFLECT, RESET. I’m not saying make like a Hermit, although in some extreme cases you will find this is the only way to go, but just take time out for yourself. Sit quietly in your bedroom and ask the family to not disturb you for a while. Go for a walk in the park, find that ‘special place’ and sit quietly to reflect. I had to do just these things for many months in order to make space for the subconscious to process.

We have a tier system and when we are feeling the most vulnerable we go into Fight or Flight Mode. All the other tier’s shut down and we aren’t functioning on all cylinders. For example if you are walking in the park with your dog and another dog comes up to you and attacks your dog, immediately your system switches everything off and that scene that you witness takes you into Fight or Flight mode. Luckily, you managed to beat the other dog off, scoop your dog up into your arms and run back to the safety of your car. Next you need to process what had just happened. Why did this dog suddenly attack? Are we OK? check yourself and your dog over. Yes, no one hurt. Should we go back in the park? No, I’m shaking and I need to go home.

Most people will eventually be OK with that event and dismiss it as just a one off. But imagine you and your dog kept being attacked by random dogs, eventually you find yourself not being able to resolve that fear. The only way to calm you when you take the dog out, is reach for the tablets that calm your nerves and a great big stick when you go out walking. Now you are subconsciously going on your walks with your dog, looking like a MeerKat that is constantly surveying the surrounding environment for big bad dogs. Without realising what is really happening, all you know is that you are tense and aren’t enjoying walking the dog any more. Clearly the subconscious has not had the space to fully process the situation and you have just glazed over it. This then puts you in constant Fight/Flight mode and when that switch gets stuck it is a very hard to release. As I’ve said, tablets just treat symptoms they do not treat the cause. If you haven’t got the skills to go deep within, reflect and allow the subconscious space to fully overcome this, don’t leave it there, seek the help of a professional to work you through it.

So if you feel like your subconscious is particularly tumultuous, don’t wash over it by spending your time taking on new things, keeping yourself extra busy because this won’t help. Trust me, I’ve been there on that side of the fence and ignoring the road signs. Eventually, you will hit a roadblock and there is no going forward until you have done the significant inner work and finished digesting the experiences you already have.

Slowing down, calms the levels of the mind, body and spirit. It is only when you go into the rest state that you allow your subconscious to become active to work through what it needs to. Sometimes, just lying on the sofa with no distractions is a powerful way to allow space. Know that you cannot control your subconscious, because it has a mind of it’s own. It is your most trusted advisor, if you choose to stop and listen to it.

How do I put this in to practice?

As I have already said, the subconscious takes care of itself when we are at rest. In our busy Western World people are finding less and less time to rest. We are up late watching TV or on a computer and as I have said in a previous post, it takes four hours after that TV etc has been switched off for the brain to sleep. So if you have been on your computer till 12:00 pm then straight after went to bed and got up at 06:00 am your brain has had only two hours rest.

So in order to help with this situation, put your phone away after dinner, don’t keep watching the TV all night, instead read a book or work on a hobby that does not involve a computer screen.


Your Mental Health & Wellbeing is at Stake! Take action to do nothing (rest is good for the soul).

Find the time to spend in nature, go for walks, walk bare foot through the grass, find quiet places to sit, meditate, relax, reflect, rest. Do not try to interpret the subconscious process, leave it well alone. What I mean by that is, get out of your own way (meaning don’t try to control the thoughts and feelings that bubble up to the surface) just acknowlede them and let them go. You will find that you will come at peace with all kinds of shifts and experiences. By practicing these stillness techniques, the messages will come through allowing you to live a more balanced life.

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