Here are some of the reviews I have had from clients

I met Caroline outside my local chemist back in 2020, where I had picked up my forth repeat prescription for anti-depressants. I had come out of the shop crying and feeling at my worst, when Caroline asked me if I was okay.

I had recently gone through a very traumatic relationship break up. I wasn’t able to function, my mind was empty and any thought processes were a struggle. My heart ached, I was crying one minute and angry the next. I was feelings that my life couldn’t get any worse.

I bumped into Caroline a few weeks later and found out that she only lived down the road from me. We got talking over a cup of tea and I have been a friend / client of hers ever since.

Caroline always makes me feel welcome and my Reiki sessions with her have been extremely soothing, relaxing and rejuvenating. I would highly recommend her to anyone, as she has a very caring and fun personality that is very endearing.


I’ve had a few readings from Caroline and I am amazed at the accuracy. She has always managed to give me clarity on any situation that I presented her with and I would recommend her as a reader.


I met Caroline through a group on Meetup and being an Energy Healer myself, I asked her if she would work on the pain in my knee.

After my Reiki session, I felt relaxed, so chilled in fact, that I struggled to get up. The pain in my right knee had definitely dulled down and I can’t wait until I have another session, as it was a delight to have someone work on me for a change, as it’s normally the other way round.

Thank you so much Caroline


I met Caroline through a mutual friend. I went to see if she could help me with my anxiety issues. I was always having panic attacks and it was affecting my school life. I would just have sudden outbursts of crying and getting myself all worked up and then finding it hard to breathe. These anxiety attacks were getting worse and even though my mum had tried to get me help through the doctors, the waiting list was extremely long. So that is when I met with Caroline over Zoom calls during Lockdown.

Caroline was very easy to talk to, she helped me to focus on my breathing and I learnt some really helpful techniques to try and control these attacks. I would most certainly recommend her without a doubt.


I came to Caroline for a reading. I asked her if I would get married again because I am 62 years old and I didn’t hold out much hope. I didn’t give her any more details other than that. The reading she came back with was spot on and I would definitely recommend her.


I had a reading from Caroline, asking if I should leave the man that I loved because his ex-wife and daughter were constantly sticking the knife in our relationship. My partner also likes to drink and we are looking at going into business together running a pub. The reading was accurate and insightful, so I would certainly without hesitation recommend her.